Wholesale HCG Pricing


NutraCs is offering extremely competitive wholesale hcg pricing for those her are interested in selling HCG or already have an existing HCG business.  Our prices are based on a tiered pricing structure which allows you to get deeper discounts the more you buy.  Our wholesale HCG pricing starts as low as 12 bottle minimums allowing our customers to get into the HCG market without breaking the bank.  We have customers that sell on a huge international level to those that sell in their local market.  We value each and every customer as valuable as the next and welcome orders of all sizes.

The HCG market is really taking off right now thanks to the help of social media.  Some of our largest customers are selling their products through Instagram and other social networking sites.  With an already built in audience and followers you put yourself in the driver’s seat just like the big boys in the industry.  Many of you know that the HCG experienced a slow down a couple years ago as other diet fads really started to come on strong.  No thanks in part to certain television hosts that boasted these supplements as the miracles.  After a year or so we are starting to see these same people come back to the HCG products.  This is due in part for the level of success that the HCG products have experienced over the long haul.


wholesale hcgwholesale hcg




      Shipping and Lead Time       Fotolia_15206861_XS

For our customers that are not looking to go with private label HCG then the turnaround time on orders is 24 hours.  Let’s say you put an order in at 1pm on Monday then we will be able to ship out either that day or the very next day.  We ship everything via 2 day priority mail through the post office.  So this mean that the same order can be in your hands by Wed. or Thursday of that same week.

You shipping is 100% on us.  We do not charge for shipping within the United States.  When you are buying HCG wholesale then you expect professional and fast service.  This is an area in which we pride ourselves on.  We have a team of great employees that truly love this industry and strive every day to make your jobs easier.




We have seen many changes in the HCG industry over the past few years.  Some really good and other aren’t that great.  One thing is for sure that is the fact that HCG remains to be a strong force in this industry.  While we have seen countless fads come and go, HCG has held it’s course as the industry evolves.  As a result form all the media hype on these other products they became overnight sensations.  This caused some confusion within the business as to what would be the best supplement within this industry.  Those that stuck with the HCG business have really done well.  There were quite a few businesses that decided to stop selling wholesale HCG and put their attentions on these fads that came along.

Well those same people are not doing so well now.  The wholesale HCG industry is gaining steam like never before.  We are seeing social media make it especially easy to sell HCG through those platforms.  If you are looking to sell HCG either though social media, website or a in your local community then you can take advantage of these HCG wholesale prices.  We can help you through every step of the process from your HCG private label needs to how to market your product.  For those that want to look into HCG private label ideas we have a team of designers that can assist you with label design.  The great part of the private label process is the way that it helps you to stand out in the crowd.

We are always here to help you in any way that we can.  Always feel free to reach out to our team members and see what we can do to enhance your HCG business.